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Criminal Defense Information

We offer flat fees in criminal defense cases in Greene County as well as all surrounding counties. We protect our clients to fullest extent of the law.

Whether you are in District court and Criminal Court, our experience will help you.

DWI's/DUI's/Traffic Violations/Violent Crimes/Murder Cases, The Law Firm of Lorie Whitby is prepared to help you.


What is an expungement?

The process of legally destroying, obliterating or striking out records or information in files, computers and other depositories relating to criminal charges. Under Ark. Code Ann. 60-90-902, the record is deemed as a matter of law never to have occurred, and the individual may state that no such conduct ever occurred and that no such records exist.

We assist with sealing records of arrest or conviction in appropriate cases and can help you determine if expungement is possibility for your criminal record.